It’s the perfect story.  A beautiful, petite, conservative reporter is man-handled by misogynist Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager.  All she wanted was an apology, but all she got was a tweet calling her delusional.  All she wanted was for her employer to back her up, instead she resigned because they wouldn’t.  Forced to prove she was right, she filed a police report against Trump’s Thug Campaign Manager and, after a brief  investigation, the Jupiter Florida Police Department filed charges and arrested him on battery charges.

There is much more to this story that the media isn’t telling you.  They haven’t mentioned the many other allegations made by this same reporter against men in high positions.  They are keeping secret the money behind the media companies involved and the Presidential Campaign to which they donated over $25 million dollars.  They don’t want you to know about the data mining from their websites they use to support this rival Presidential Campaign and, the fact they pay to find out what type of stories will change minds to insure the electorate votes for the man they are supporting.

An all out assault on the Trump campaign is in full gear, and again, nobody is looking behind the curtain.

That is until now.

Michelle Fields claims that on the evening of March 8, 2016 she was battered by Trump’s Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski after a Donald Trump Press Conference.  The Trump Campaign denies it while Fields calls it, “aside from my father’s death, the worst experience I’ve gone through.”

MF - Original Statement

Fields tweeted an image of her left arm with bruises near her wrist.However, video CdNWzntWAAESzuG.jpg-largeanalysis appears to contradict Field’s claims.  It appears Fields was reaching for Donald Trump and Lewandowski grabbed her upper left arm, not her lower arm by her wrist where the bruises appear.  She was never yanked nearly down to the ground as her statement indicates.  Her facial expression never changed as if she had just experienced the worst thing since the death of her father.

David Martosko of The Daily Mail reported Trumps’ Secret Service detail confirmed the Trump campaign’s claim that Fields had touched Trump twice and was warned to stop before Lewandowski intervened.

David Martosko SS Tweet

On March 11, 2016 Fields filed a police report against Lewandowski with the Jupiter Florida Police Department.  Later that night, Fields appeared on Fox News Channel with Megyn Kelly in a well scripted attempt to paint the Trump campaign in a negative light with women.  So well scripted, in fact, she went so far as to state, “This has to be, aside from my father’s death, the worst experience I’ve gone through.  The hate that I have received, the email messages, I’m sure Megyn [referring to Kelly’s well publicized dispute with Donald Trump] you can understand  and sympathize with some of the stuff that I’ve received but it’s been awful”.

In the following days, Fields claims Breitbart is not standing up for her and, along with her Editor at large, Ben Shapiro, resigned from Breitbart in protest.  Shapiro had penned an article on March 4, 2016 (just 4 days before the alleged battery occurred) titled, “I will never vote for Trump, here’s why”.  Shapiro however, already had another full time job at The Daily Wire as the site’s Editor in Chief.

That night, Fields and Shapiro again joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel to discuss their resignation and the allegations against Lewandowski.

In the two weeks since, the media has continued to push the narrative of Trump’s Campaign being full of bully’s and very unfriendly to women.  The Cruz and Kasich campaigns, never missing a moment to bash Trump and try to sway his supporters to vote for them,  jumped on the bandwagon condemning the Trump Campaign.  Ted Cruz said, “The culture of the campaign has been a campaign built on attacks on insults, and I think there is no place in politics for insults, for personal attacks, for going to the gutter, and there should be no place for physical violence either.”

Through it all, Trump continues to defend Lewandowski refusing to fire him and declaring Lewandowski’s innocence.  “He was very, very seriously maligned and I think that is unfair,” said Trump.


On March 29th, the Jupiter Police Department released an overhead video of the incident and filed a Simple Battery Charge against Lewandowski.  The person in charge of deciding whether or not to prosecute the case is Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, a Democrat, who donated $1,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and has been working with the Clinton Campaign since November.



In a dramatic development, 16 female journalists from Media Outlets like CNN, Fox, Blaze TV, The National Review, The New York Post and others took the unprecedented move releasing a joint statement demanding Trump fire his bully Campaign Manager.  This was a Press Release, an injection into the story, by those who are paid to report the news, not be the news.  The Statement calls Lewandowski’s actions, “inexcusable and unprofessional”, and pontificating that, “unlike the Trump Campaign, we believe in making a statement on the record to clearly highlight the difference between right and wrong.”



Why would a reporter, who’s job it is to cover the news, insist on becoming the news and push an exaggerated narrative that would paint a Presidential Candidate and his Campaign in such a bad light?

Follow the Money

In order to get the answer, it’s important to know who Michelle Fields is and who is the money behind her.

Fields was hired by Breitbart just 4 months ago and is no stranger to controversy and involving herself in the story.  Actually some say she has a knack for becoming the story.  Fields herself claimed in a CSPAN Interview, “I think that’s a different world. Now people want bias journalism I feel. They want to hear the journalism either tell them what they want to hear or tell them what their opinion is and what they think about it.”

Fields also has a history of making allegations and becoming the story.  She accused Allen West of groping her breast while she worked at PJTV, a claim MF - Occupy Wallstreetwhich she eventually dropped.  Fields accused the New York Police Department of beating her with batons during an Occupy Wall Street  March.  Fields claimed she was assaulted while working for Student’s of Liberty.  She’s had contentious interviews with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and accused Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of manhandling her during an interview.  She also accused Charles C. Johnson of of hacking into her computer and although she threatened to go to law enforcement, she never did.  Before Breitbart, Fields worked at, PJTV, Students for Liberty and has been a regular contributor on many Cable News TV shows.

Fields’ boyfriend, Jamie Weinstein, is the Senior Editor of The Daily Caller, where Fields previously worked as well.  The Daily Caller is a politically conservative news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C.  On the night of the alleged incident, it was Weinstein who first tweeted about it saying, “Trump always surrounds himself w thugs.  Tonight thug Cory Leandowski tried to pull my gf @MichelleFields to ground when she asked tough q”.

Jamie Weinstein Tweet Trump

A search for Michelle Fields on The Daily Caller website shows dozens of stories about the Fields/Lewandowski incident since it first broke on March 8th.

Breitbart and the Daily Wire – Fronts for the Ted Cruz Campaign

Before Andrew Bretbart’s death in 2012, Breitbart took on additional investors. One of the biggest is a man named Robert Mercer who began investing in Breitbart in 2011.  Mercer, is a computer scientist and Co-CEO of The Hedge Fund Renaissance Technologies and several other companies.  After Breitbart’s death Mercer invested even more money into the operation, making him the defacto controlling partner.

Mercer is also very active in supporting political candidates and the 2016 Presidential Election is no exception.  On April 10, 2015 Mercer made an $11 Million Dollar Donation to the Ted Cruz PAC “Keep The Promise I”.  He made a second contribution in the amount of $500,000.00 on February  26, 2016 for a total of $11,500,000.00.

Yes, you read that correctly, out of $11,907,020 in contributions to Keep The Promise I, the man who is calling the shots at Breitbart donated $11,500,000.00 (96% of total contributions) to the Ted Cruz Keep The Promise I PAC.

Robert Mercer - FEC

It’s a well known secret in political circles that Breitbart is in bed with the Ted Cruz Campaign.  Politico ran a story in July of 2015 called “The Cruz-Bretbart Connection”, in which they reported, Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon has worked with New York hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, a major Cruz donor who is also a major Breitbart backer, on political projects including data firm Cambridge Analytica, which is also working with the Cruz campaign.”  The article goes on to state, “They describe Bannon as something of a gatekeeper for Mercer”.  The Politico report continued, “Mercer’s daughter Rebekah Mercer, who has helped steer the family’s increasingly public investment in conservative politics, was an early Cruz supporter, hosting a fundraiser in April for the Texas Senator.”

The Daily Beast reported in April of 2015, “Mercer’s business avoided paying more than $6 billion in taxes between 2000 and 2013.” While Ted Cruz was quoted in the article as saying, “[M]y criticism with Washington is they engage in crony capitalism,” Cruz told Bloomberg Politics. “They give favors to Wall Street and big business and that’s why I’ve been an outspoken opponent of crony capitalism, taking on leaders in both parties.”  However, Cruz apparently didn’t have a problem with writing a letter to the IRS Commissioner asking, “Why is the IRS Auditing Breitbart News?“.  In the letter Cruz threatened, “For the IRS to behave like a partisan political organization, targeting media organizations whose views differ from the President’s, would represent a gross abuse of power. It would undermine the statutory mission and integrity of the IRS. And it would likely subject IRS employees to criminal prosecution.”

Mercer also owns, at least in part, Cambridge Analytica, the US subsidiary of London Based SCL (Strategic Communications Laboratories), a data analysis company that merceranalyzes potential voters on 5,000 data points for behavioral microtargeting, or ‘psychographic analysis.’  In other words Cambridge Analytica gleans the web for information on potential voters, their likes and dislikes, who they are and what it would take to influence them in a favorable direction.  Like say…voting for a candidate.  It’s further alleged that Breitbart shares data from it’s website with Cambridge Analytica to help the Cruz Campaign and has even gone so far as to send out emails asking for Donations to the Cruz Campaign on Breitbart Letterhead.

A February 1, 2016 article states that the Cruz Campaign spent $3.8 million dollars to Cambridge Analytica.  The Cruz campaign even credited Cambridge Analytica as being a key tool they used to win the Iowa Caucuses.

Summary of Breitbart/Cruz Connection:

  • Owner of Breitbart donated $11 Million dollars to the Cruz Campaign.
  • Breitbart sends data it gathers from the website to Cambridge Analytica
  • Cruz Campaign pays Cambridge Analytica, with Robert Mercer’s money, to establish psychological profiles on potential voters, their likes and dislikes and what stories would influence them to vote for Ted Cruz.
  • Breitbart shares information with the Cruz Campaign via Cambridge Analytica

Breitbart’s reporting on the Republican Presidential race took a dramatic turn in favor of Ted Cruz as the Primaries neared.  Ben Shapiro morphed from writing glowing Trump articles in 2015 like, “Peak Trump: ‘I Don’t Need Anybody’s Money’” where he admired Trump saying, “I Don’t Need Anybody’s Money. It’s Nice…I’m Really Rich.” and opined, “This, in a nutshell, is what makes Trump awesome. Trump may be the only candidate in the race who isn’t ashamed of being wealthy.” In a July 2015 article called, “7 Reasons The Donald helps the GOP“, Shapiro implores Republican’s to appreciate Trump for what he brings to the election.

Shapiro even went so far, during the last Presidential Election to call Donald Trump, “The Ideal Candidate”.  His Townhall article, “The Magic of Donald Trump” was almost prophetic when he wrote, “In the last several weeks, that ideal Republican candidate has materialized.  His name is Donald Trump. His slogan is ready-made: “You’re Fired.” He does not give a damn what the media thinks of him — he steamrolled Meredith Vieira during his NBC interview with her last week. He can self-fund to the tune of $1 billion.  And what’s more, he can win.”

The Ben Shapiro of 2016 is very different.  His articles about Trump are almost entirely negative.  On February 29, 2016, (just 8 days before the Fields/Lewandowski incident) Ben Shapiro posted a video along with the Breitbart Story, “Ben Shapiro explains in under 6 minutes why you shouldn’t back Trump“.  “Is Trump a big winner?” Shapiro asks. “Or is he a spoiled brat who grew up in the lap of luxury, had his dad sign his checks, and then bragged about how he’s a huge winner?”  On March 5, 2016 (just 3 days before the Fields/Lewandowski incident), “Ben Shapiro Explains Why He’ll ‘Never’ Vote for Trump” where he says, “Am I willing to risk a Hillary presidency not to vote for Trump? The answer is yes…I will never vote for Donald Trump because I stand with certain principles…Why in the world would conservatives live with President Hillary Clinton on their consciences?Because first, it’s not on our consciences. It’s on the consciences of the people who went along with this nomination. We did not select Trump. We will not vote for him.”

The Daily Wire Connection

When Ben Shapiro resigned from Breitbart, he stayed on board as The Editor in Chief of The Daily Wire another Conservative News and Opinion website similar to Breitbart.  The similarities don’t end there though.  Although the Daily Wire owners did a little more than Mr. Mercer to conceal their identity, it’s still not hard to connect the dots.  Forward Publishing, LLC owns the Daily Wire.  Levi Wilks is the principle of Forward Publishing and he also is connected to 7 Pillar Records, LLC.  Dan and Farris Wilks own Wilks Brothers, LLC. and have donated $15 Million Dollars to The Ted Cruz Campaign via the PAC Keep The Promise III.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.06.32 PM

Between Breitbart and The Daily Wire, over $25,000,000.00 has been donated to the Ted Cruz Campaign.  These websites, and their employees are the center of the allegations against Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski.

It’s appropriate the two main pawns in this Presidential Controversy speak so eloquently about the state of the media and it’s influence.  Remember when Michelle Fields smiled and said on CSPAN, “I think that’s a different world. Now people want bias journalism I feel. They want to hear the journalism either tell them what they want to hear or tell them what their opinion is and what they think about it.”

Or how hypocritical Ben Shapiro now sounds when you see that he wrote on February 16, 2016, “It seems fitting that…47 percent of Americans think media bias is the biggest problem in American politics, even more than the 45 percent who say money in politics is the problem. Americans should be even more skeptical of the media: they haven’t pulled out all the stops yet”.

Yet they want you to Trust them and ignore the man behind the curtain.