Arizona Senator John McCain is an outspoken ally of Saudi Arabia and promoter of American Military intervention in Syria on behalf of the Saudis.  When it was disclosed Thursday that the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia had donated $1 million dollars to the McCain Foundation, many were left wondering if the Saudi’s were buying influence with McCain.

The donation became even more suspect when it was discovered it happened in 2014, but wasn’t publicly disclosed until Thursday in response to press inquiries.

When questioned by KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix, McCain attempted to deflect the issue of impropriety by saying he, “had nothing to do with it [the McCain Institute]– except that they use my name”.

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The reality is John McCain has a whole lot to do with the McCain Institute.

McCain founded The McCain Institute in 2012 with $9 million dollars in campaign funds leftover from his failed 2012 Presidential Campaign.

McCain and his wife Cindy are featured prominently in the McCain Foundation’s introduction video.  On the video McCain says, “I’m very committed to this partnership with Arizona State University,” adding, “I’m really optimistic, there’s a lot of work to do but, frankly, it’s the kind of work that I really enjoy.”

The McCain Institute’s Showcase event is their annual Sedona Forum held in Sedona, Arizona.  This year’s forum is from April 7 – April 10).  As evidenced from the videos and pictures below and the itineraries from the 2014 and 2015, both the Senator and Mrs. McCain are very active during the forum hosting, and partaking in discussions on various topics.

The centerpiece of the Forum each year is John McCain’s “In Conversation with Senator McCain”, where the Senator hosts a discussion with a world leader guest of honor.  Past guests have included VP Joe Biden, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Sedona Forum wraps up with a Bar-B-Q for participants hosted by John and Cindy McCain at their ranch just outside of Sedona.

When someone lies about something, it usually means they know the truth will get them in trouble.  Then again, McCain is the man who openly threatened on Fox News to give terrorists “the ability to shoot down” Russian planes just weeks before ISIS blew up a Russian Airliner over Egypt in October of last year.