A History of Election Fraud Allegations

Arizona is just the latest state where allegations of voting irregularities have been claimed.  As the Huffington Post reports, “Beginning in Iowa and climaxing with the holy mess that occurred in Arizona, the Democratic presidential primaries have been a Wagnerian Ring Cycle of electoral “shenanigans,” cynical rule-bending and outright voter suppression.

Iowa (Feb 1)

Allegations of voter irregularities in favor of Clinton began with the nations first vote, February 1 in Iowa.

Clinton had to win Iowa.  A Clinton loss in Iowa would have been devastating to her campaign and would have likely resulted in a momentum shift in media coverage and voter enthusiasm in favor of Sanders.  Clinton was declared the winner by the slimmest of margins (only 4 votes statewide), even though multiple reports of election rigging were claimed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 1.02.16 PM

It’s been reported 6 different precincts in Iowa held coin flips to break a tie between Clinton and Sanders voters with Clinton winning all 6.  However, video clearly shows Sanders winning at least one of those coin flips that was credited to Clinton.

In Polk County Iowa, multiple recounts were conducted as the headcount changed from round to round.  However, video released of the final recount shows Clinton Campaign representative Liz Buck not conducting an actual recount of Clinton voters but simply adding the number of new arrivals in the Clinton tally without accounting for those who left. (See video below)

Nevada (Feb. 20)

In the Nevada Caucus, Clinton won by just 700 votes statewide.  Allegations of voter suppression and impropriety by the Clinton Campaign were abundant.  The charges ranged from ballot shortages, to Caucus registration sheets pre-printed with the Hillary Campaign Logo.


One of the most blatant acts of election rigging is shown in the video below, in which dozens of voters, wearing Clinton T-Shirts walked right past the Caucus Registration Booth to participate in the Caucus.  As the poll worker tries to stop them from entering before they are registered, another voice can be heard telling the poll worker they will register after they vote.  It is unknown whether the people who entered the Caucus even registered afterwards, or if they were even residents of the precinct and qualified to vote.  Nonetheless, Clinton won Nevada.

Massachusetts (March 1)

In Massachusetts Clinton squeaked out a victory by just 1.4% of the vote (17,068 votes).  As was the case in Arizona, the conventional thinking by political experts was, if the turnout was high on election day, Sanders would win.  This time, Bill Clinton blatantly broke Massachusetts election law that states campaigning within 150 feet of a polling site on election day is a Felony.  Not only did Bill Clinton campaign well within 150 feet of multiple election sites during voting hours causing gridlock, he even entered polling sites, with his security detail effectively shutting down the voting while the former President was present.


New York (April 19)

With the New York Primary being held on Tuesday, allegations of voters having their party affiliation changed without their knowledge to Independent or No Party Affiliation are beginning to be reported.  A lawsuit is being filed this week, with hundreds of New York voters signing on as plaintiffs, alleging their party affiliation has been changed without their consent.

According to the New York Daily News:

Numerous voters involved in the suit claim they looked up their voter registrations after the deadline passed to find that their party affiliation had changed from Democratic or Republican to “Not affiliated” or “Independent,” a switch that will bar them from voting in either primary.