A Mesa Arizona teen has been arrested and charged as a sex offender for “exposing himself” during his high school football team picture.

Hunter Osborne of Mesa Arizona decided to play a prank when the Red Mountain High School Football Team snapped their team picture in August by subtly exposing the top of his penis in his waistband.

The team photo was used throughout the year in school programs and ultimately published in the school yearbook.  Below is the uncensored image taken directly from Red Mountain High School’s yearbook.

Uncensored 2016 Red Mountain High School Football Photo
The uncensored photo that was printed in the Red Mountain High School Yearbook. Senior Hunter Osborne was charged with 70 counts of Indecent Exposure and 1 count of Furnishing Obscene Materials to Minors.


This entire school year nobody complained or noticed anything out of the ordinary with the picture.  That all changed this week when Osborne bragged of his prank on social media after the photo was featured in the School Yearbook.  He was arrested and charged with 70 counts of indecent exposure (1 count for every person in the photograph).  He’s also been charged with furnishing obscene materials to minors which is a felony and will make him a sex offender if convicted.

Yes, the kid made a dumb decision and he needs to be punished by the school for it.  But hitting this kid with 70+ charges?  

First, it’s kind of hard to justify indecent exposure charges when the team returned to the locker room and took showers in plain view of each other.  Second, nobody on the team has claimed they were violated most of them had no idea Osborne did anything at all.

Second, the charge of Distributing Obscene Material to a Minor stems from the picture’s distribution through the school yearbook which was just released. Osborne didn’t distribute the yearbook.  If the picture was truly obscene, the school would be liable for printing and distributing it.  Teachers and Administrators who approved of the images use haven’t been charged because the picture isn’t obscene.  The violation is so inconspicuous, nobody noticed until the school year was almost over, after the photo had been used all year and viewed by thousands without one complaint.

Red Mountain High School has recalled all of the yearbooks so they can block out the few pixels with a sharpie.

Meanwhile, because our society has no common sense, this kid is going to be labeled as a sex offender, probably be kicked out of school, miss his graduation and any college assistance or scholarships are in jeopardy.

Who made the worse decision?

The kid who at worst ruined one page of a yearbook, or the adults who are trying to ruin this kid’s life?

The adults still have time to make the right decision and #FreeHunter.

**Update 5-4-16 6:30pm PST

Mesa Police have dropped all remaining charges (69 counts of Indecent Exposure) against Osborne.  According to sources, none of the players or coaches that were in the photo wanted to press charges.  Discipline now is in the hands of the school.

Unfortunately for Osborne, the School Administrators have egg on their face by not catching the photo and allowing it to be in the football programs and school yearbook.  A punishment that should be a 3 day suspension will most likely be much more severe.  We’ll update this page as information becomes available.

**Update 5-4-16 1:00pm PST

Update. The most serious charge, Distributing Obscene Materials to a Minor has been dropped my the Maricopa County Attorney. However, they are still reviewing the 70 counts of Indecent Exposure.