I’m not a Jan Brewer hater, I’m just a realist.

I appreciate Former Governor Brewer’s long time service to the state of Arizona in the State Legislature, as Secretary of State and as Governor, but Donald Trump cannot pick Jan Brewer as his Vice Presidential running mate.

It would be an optical nightmare.

The talk of Brewer being considered for Trump’s VP began this past Sunday when Brewer implied on CNN’s State of the Union she’d be interested in the VP job. Brewer followed up that appearance with a Tweet the same day confirming her interest.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.48.19 PMTuesday, Brewer continued to stoke the speculation in an interview with Fox 10 in Phoenix.  During the interview Brewer said Trump hadn’t “directly” contacted her about the job, but declined to answer when asked if she’d been contacted “indirectly”.

Fuel was added to the fire on Wednesday, when asked by Fox News Channel host Greta Van Susteren if females were on the list of potential running mates, Trump responded, “yes”.  When Van Susteren brought up Jan Brewer’s name, Trump responded by saying to the effect she was being considered along with others, he commended Brewer’s record as Governor and didn’t rule her out as a possibility.

Many Trump supporters believe he’s a great decision maker and team builder.  They believe he’ll surround himself with a team of top notch, respected national leaders who will execute his policy efficiently and effectively.

Picking Brewer as his running mate would destroy that image.

I’m sure Governor Brewer is a nice, very intelligent person.  You have to be smart to rise to the office of Governor.  However, a great number Independents, Democrats, and even some Republicans in America see her as a bumbling clown. These are the swing voters Trump needs to convert in order to win the election.

Brewer is a horrible communicator.  She’s polarizing. People roll their eyes when she talks.  Trump supporters will cringe every time Brewer speaks. Detractors will be recording her every word for flubs and soundbites as the former Governor is gaffe prone and often says things that make no sense.

If Jan Brewer was named as Trump’s VP pick, her 47 second brain fart at the 2010 Gubernatorial Debate would run non-stop on every news network, radio show and dark money tv commercial for the entirety of the race.

Sarah Palin was asked by CNN if she’d be willing to be Trump’s VP pick where she replied, “I want to help and not hurt…I wouldn’t want to be a burden on the ticket, and I realize in many, many eyes, I would be that burden.”

Jan Brewer even makes Sarah Palin look like an intelligent, well spoken, polished politician and that’s no easy task!

I present one final thought.  Trump’s VP pick has a very good chance of, one day soon, being a “heartbeat away” from the Presidency.  Close your eyes and picture a President Jan Brewer.

I rest my case.