The Following is a Reality Check Reader Submission:


I was very bothered today while watching a campaign speech by Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. Having two adult daughters myself and a wife, I was upset at what bag of goods they were trying to sell these special women in my life. Luckily they’ve been raised to think, listen and view critically for themselves and to compare what they see with their high moral values.   Luckily they know that no woman should be called a “nasty woman” EXCEPT for woman who really are nasty!   Unfortunately, there are nasty woman in this world who do, act and say nasty things….thus making them by definition, nasty women. Also, unfortunately, there are nasty men in this world as well. Some might say there are many more nasty men in this word than women……personally, I’d say it’s about equal, sad, but equal. Luckily, many folks reserve that label for woman until it’s just blatantly written on the wall by their actions, deeds and words…..and even then postponed until the very last minute to use that label. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female….being a nasty person is just that, being a nasty person! Period. And “nasty” is not good, no matter how you spin it Warren and Clinton.

What I saw today were two women, trying to fill millions of women’s hearts everywhere with a hatred towards men.   Warren, making statements like: “we nasty women…” Is a very clear attempt at taking the very REAL nasty things that Hillary Clinton is guilty of doing and got called out for, and deflecting that characterization and thrusting it upon women everywhere to imply that Hillary’s opponent is calling “all” women nasty.   And that clearly was NOT the case. How dare Hillary and Warren attempt to draw out some misdirected hatred towards Trump or anyone. Trump called his opponent nasty. I’m sure you wouldn’t be shocked to see that this isn’t the first time that a Presidential candidate called their opponent “nasty.” Where’s your outrage there? Then? Now, for them back then?     To me, this simply says that Hillary and Warren believe that the women they are speaking to are too stupid to see through their scheme…..too dumb to understand what bag of goods they’re trying to sell them. Warren and Clinton want women to hate Trump for this word “nasty”, no matter how true it could possibly be. Instead of defending herself righteously with evidence of the contrary, she instead incited hate towards her opponent, based on his sex, which is not what he did to her. Warren’s final remark “woman have had it with guys like you” and “nasty woman want to get you out of our lives forever.” is very sad evidence of the kind of hate they’re inciting.

Yes, I guess women who support ALL the nasty things Hillary does, has done and is doing, would be considered nasty themselves. And THOSE are the “nasty women” she must be referring to when encouraging nasty women to vote for Hillary.

Because, Conversely, ……….

The women I know, love and admire………well, they know that lying, cheating, stealing, killing, perjuring, disobeying a subpoena, hiding, twisting someone’s words, fraud, breaking the law, refusing to answer for one’s own actions, refusing to answer questions from the American people period, colluding ( just some of Hillary’s actions)…..the woman I know, love and admire….well, they all know that this is the kind of PERSON (be it woman or man) that is not a good person, and that someone might be justified to call that person “nasty” because those actions are wrong and bad.   And at a time when pro and con tally lists are made either literally or mentally by almost every SERIOUS voter for each candidate……. well Hillary’s cons are all actions and deeds that have been schemed, plotted, executed, done and covered up.   And it becomes very difficult to match up Hillary’s “cons” with “Trumps” cons, as her list is far, far, far longer than his, especially when most of Trump’s cons are words And well, let’s be real, who hasn’t said a bad word a time or two….or three?

I’m quite certain there are THOUSANDS…… if not MILLIONS of good, honest, righteous woman in this country who SHOULD be our FIRST FEMALE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, before this nasty acting Hillary Clinton. Instead, let’s find THAT woman!. Let’s support HER actions, HER words, HER efforts and HER. Woman like THAT are EASY to find if given a fair opportunity. Let’s find her and protect her, because SHE will make ALL women see how below the bar Hillary is.