Reality Check has learned four Ted Cruz PACs reported to the Federal Elections Commission 118 separate transactions totaling $1,795,219.00 combined to three companies that all share the same address; 8383 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 1000 Beverly Hills, Ca 90211.  The same address as Breitbart News, LLC.

$129,341.00 was paid to Breitbart in 4 transactions listed as Media, Media-Prepaid and List Purchase Expense.  What list did Breitbart sell to the Cruz Campaign?  People have been speculating, and this would seem to confirm, Breitbart is sharing user data, poll data, etc. from it’s news website with the Cruz Campaign.

Cambridge Analytica, at the same address received 89 payments totaling $1,152,144.00. Robert Mercer, the principle investor in Breitbart donated the $11,500,000.00 to Cruz’s  Keep The Promise I.  Mercer is also the owner of Cambridge Analytica, a data company.  According to the campaign, 86 of the 88 payments were for “Media” which is odd because Cambridge Analytica is a data research company and has nothing to do with media.

The third company, Glittering Steel, LLC is a Delaware Corporation whose owners aren’t individually listed on the corporations state filing, but also shares the same Beverly Hills address as Mercer’s other two companies. Glittering Steel, LLC expenses were listed by the campaign as Video Production costs.  The 25 payments totaled $513,734.00.

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It appears the address for Breitbart News Network, LLC was incorrectly entered on the Cruz filings as 8363 Wilshire, instead of 8383 Wilshire as listed on the California Secretary of State’s Website.

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Below are screenshots of a spread sheet showing the expenditures to the Breitbart Companies.  To see for yourself, simply go to the FEC Inquiry Page Here and look at the expenditures of the Cruz Pacs Keep The Promise I, Keep The Promise II, Keep The Promise III and Keep The Promise Pac.

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